Why Choose Connect it

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The Connect it Networks advantage

Worry-free guarantees: Connect it Networks guarantees up to 20% to 30% cost savings on business lines, long distance and high-speed Internet compared to current service providers – without compromising on network reliability. We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee, free activation and set up on standard installations, and 24/7 technical support. And finally, our 25-year structured cabling certification on performance and labour is one of the best guarantees in the industry.

Single-source solutions: Minimize your dependency on multiple partners and vendors. We offer a wide range of customized telephony, structured cabling and connectivity solutions to meet your exact specifications while still being flexible enough to meet future needs. Our experienced team and affiliated partners use some of the latest technologies to assist you in the design, implementation and support of a comprehensive communications solution. With Connect it Networks, you’ll only be dealing with one supplier.

Lower total cost of ownership: Many companies promise you the lowest prices in the industry. But what they don’t tell you is the accumulated cost over the entire life of their solutions. Connect it Networks allows you to leverage your buying power with significantly lower service rates and wholesale pricing.

Customized solutions: Every business is different and has its own set of needs, priorities and concerns. Connect it Networks will take the time to understand your business processes and customize a solution to meet your exact requirements, so you’ll never pay for features or services you don’t need.

Built for growth: The Connect it Networks Partnership Program ensures a lower total cost of ownership on the life of your solution with benefits such as free software upgrades, preventative visits and unlimited technical support.

Unparalleled client support: Our experienced business analysts and highly trained technicians help you get your business up to speed with some of the best pre- and post-sales consultation and support in the industry. And our fast and efficient 24/7 technical support ensures maximum availability of your mission critical telecommunications infrastructure.

Connect it is committed in providing business phone solutions and after sales service. Contact us today at 450-901-1111 and find out how we can become your key technology partner.