Unified communications


The days of a single desktop computer and telephone are long gone. The rapid growth of technology
presents businesses with a unique challenge. But Connect it Networks can help you break down
communications and technology barriers.

Our Unified Communications solutions allow you to consolidate all of your company’s communications
technologies and media types into a single, integrated user interface. This will bring significant value to
your business and improve employee productivity.

Voice mail & unified messaging

Access all your messages – voice mail, email, SMS – through a single, easy-to-use interface on any
computer or mobile device. This allows you to stay connected like never before. You can collaborate
and communicate when you want, where you want, and with whatever device you want.


Never interrupt a co-worker during a meeting or go searching for someone to take an important
business call ever again. Presence tools allow you to get an at-a-glance overview of your colleagues’
availability and ability to communicate at any given time.

SMS & messaging/chat

SMS and chat tools provide you with quick and effective ways to reach both colleagues and
customers. They have become the de facto tools for short, real-time communiques – whether you
are a Customer Service agent helping a client or you are informing a colleague about an important
phone call.


Business is no longer conducted solely at an employee’s desk. Whether you are telecommuting
from your home office or working in a hotel while on a business trip, helping your mobile
workforce stay connected with colleagues and customers has never been easier.

Conferencing and collaboration

A mobile workforce does not have to mean a disconnected workforce. Online conferencing and
collaboration tools allow you to create virtual meetings, share files and ideas, and drive
productivity no matter where you are.

Improved user interfaces

Reduce the amount of time required to train employees on the use of a variety of different tools by
integrating them into a single and familiar user interface. This contributes to a reduction in costs
and improved productivity.

Please fill in our contact form to learn more about our unified communications services. In Montreal Quebec 450-901-1111 and throughout Canada and the USA (877) 744-0756.